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How the Republican corporate tax plan works

in Data journalism

THE WASHINGTON POST – With the defeat of the ACA repeal bill, Republican House leadership has started to turn its attention toward tax reform, in what could be its biggest agenda item of the term. One particularly contentious proposal concerns…

President Trump’s Job Approval

in Data journalism

THE NEW YORK TIMES – President Trump’s job approval is the lowest of any chief executive since Gallup began tracking the initial months of a president’s term in 1953. Mr. Trump’s record-low approval rating is because of high disapproval among…

Perception of climate change, in six maps

in Data journalism

THE NEW YORK TIMES – Americans overwhelmingly believe that global warming is happening, and that carbon emissions should be scaled back. But fewer are sure that the changes will harm them personally. New data released by the Yale Program on…

Location matters

in Data journalism

THE NEW YORK TIMES – Location matters – enormously. If you’re poor and live in the New York area, it’s better to be in Putnam County than in Manhattan or the Bronx. Not only that, the younger you are when…

What Trump cut in his budget

in Data journalism

WASHINGTON POST – The Trump administration released a preliminary 2018 budget proposal, which details many of the changes the president wants to make to the federal government’s spending. The proposal covers only discretionary, not mandatory, spending. See website

How difficult is Brexit?

in Data journalism

THE GUARDIAN – Leaving the EU without a deal and falling back on WTO rules would mean paying customs duties on British exports to the EU. Guardian calculations put the annual bill at $7.6bn just in tariff costs. Here’s why.…

The United States of oil and gas

in Data journalism

WASHINGTON POST – Since 2010, the United States has been in an oil-and-gas boom. In 2015, domestic production was at near-record levels, and we now produce more petroleum products than any other country in the world. President Trump said he…

The spent on ads by Clinton and Trump

in Data journalism

THE NEW YORK TIMES – Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump are in the final sprint of spending on television advertising, which has been vastly lower than in previous elections. Get some insight about the history of the spent in…

Is Europe Swinging to the Right?

in Data journalism

THE NEW YORK TIMES – Amid a migrant crisis, sluggish economic growth and growing disillusionment with the European Union, right-wing parties in a growing number of European countries have made electoral gains. The right-wing parties included below range across a…