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The Platinum patients

in Data journalism/Visual Journalism

THE ATLANTIC – Each year, 1 in every 20 Americans racks up just as much in medical bills as another 19 combined. This critical five percent of the U.S. population is key to solving the nation’s health care spending crisis.…

In 137 days Trump has made 623 false claims

in Data journalism

THE WASHINGTON POST – “In 137 days, President Donald Trump has made 623 false and misleading claims.” This is the result of The Fact-Checker’s on going database powered by one of the most famous newspaper in the world. The research…

The Math of Mass shootings

in Data journalism/Multimedia articles

THE WASHINGTON POST – 130 event, 889 victims. The math of the mass Shooting in The United States has been uptated after the latest shooting occurred yesterday in Orlando, Florida. A gunman shot dead five former before killing himself. Here…

How difficult is Brexit?

in Data journalism

THE GUARDIAN – Leaving the EU without a deal and falling back on WTO rules would mean paying customs duties on British exports to the EU. Guardian calculations put the annual bill at $7.6bn just in tariff costs. Here’s why.…

You Draw it, again!

in Data journalism

THE NEW YORK TIMES – The perfect example of interactive news. Draw your guesses on the charts below to see if you’re as smart as you think you are. See Website  

The Conflicts of Interest facing the Trump Presidency

in Data journalism

THE NEW YOK TIMES –Donald J. Trump’s global business empire will create an unprecedented number of conflicts of interest for a United States president, experts in legal ethics say. Mr. Trump has said he will separate himself from his company…

As Trade Grows, Global Connections Tighten

in Data journalism

THE NEW YORK TIMES – President-elect Donald Trump has taken aim at China for what he insists are unfair trade practices,threatening punitive tariffs. He has also said he would dismantle the North American Free TradeAgreement, or Nafta. See website  

Is Europe Swinging to the Right?

in Data journalism

THE NEW YORK TIMES – Amid a migrant crisis, sluggish economic growth and growing disillusionment with the European Union, right-wing parties in a growing number of European countries have made electoral gains. The right-wing parties included below range across a…