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Welcome to Weimar

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THE NEW YORK TIMES – The storied city of Weimar, in Germany, with a population of 65000, absorded 900 refugees in a year. Rick Layman and Melissa Eddy, from The New York Times, spend months on the ground examining integration…

How Trump’s tax plan could affect you

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THE NEW YORK TIMES – President Trump has proposed major changes to the tax code. But what do they mean for you? His one-sheet proposal is light on details, but this is how the proposed changes to some common deductions…

Cassini moves inside Saturn’s rings

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THE NEW YORK TIMES – NASA’s Cassini spacecraft shifted its orbit around Saturn on Saturday, preparing to dive between the planet the hazes of Titan, the ringed planet’s biggest moon. Like a heavy hand, Titan’s gravity will reach out and…

The race of Georgia’s sixth congressional district

in Data journalism

THE NEW YORK TIMES – Jon Ossoff, a Democrat making his first bid for elective office, narrowly missed winning outright in a heavily conservative House district in Georgia on Wednesday, throwing a scare into Republicans in a special congressional election…

Why base stealers target Noah Syndergaard

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THE NEW YORK TIMES – Noah Syndergaard of the Mets uses his 6-foot-6 frame, a high leg kick and a deliberate windup to transform himself into one of baseball’s most powerful pitchers. But it is exactly those attributes that make…

Just how bad Is the drug overdose epidemic?

in Data journalism

THE NEW YORK TIMES – Since 1990, the number of Americans who have died every year from drug overdoses has increased by more than 500 percent. In 2015, more Americans died from drug overdoses than from car accidents and gun…

How the economy is doing this month in Usa

in Data journalism

THE WASHINGTON POST – These job and unemployment figures, based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, update on the first Friday of each month. For example 98,000 jobs were added in March, worse than the 196,667 average jobs…

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