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Why base stealers target Noah Syndergaard

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THE NEW YORK TIMES – Noah Syndergaard of the Mets uses his 6-foot-6 frame, a high leg kick and a deliberate windup to transform himself into one of baseball’s most powerful pitchers. But it is exactly those attributes that make his delivery one of the slowest in the major leagues — a delivery that base stealers exploit. Here is the timing of one of his pitches during the season opener against the Atlanta Braves.

Last season, Syndergaard’s delivery times ranked 248th out of 278 pitchers with at least 100 recorded times by Baseball Info Solutions. His average delivery time (from the start of his windup until the ball hit the catcher’s glove) was 1.65 seconds, 0.25 of a second slower than the league average. He was clocked as slow as 2.04. These slow times resulted in Syndergaard’s giving up the most stolen bases of any pitcher in baseball.


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