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Pandemic ife

April 12, 2022 | Science

Two years after the coronavirus pandemic swept through the United States, the masks are coming off. Workers are back in offices, students are back in classrooms, stores and restaurants are open for business. A growing number of Americans are ready to move on.

And yet: More than 15,000 Americans have died of the virus this month alone. Illness, grief, anxiety and disruptions to daily life still afflict millions. Nearly three-quarters of American adults are fully vaccinated, but nearly 25 million children under 5 can’t get that protection.

It will take years to fully absorb and assess how profoundly this virus transformed the country. One way to grapple with the disruption is to consider where you fit in with your fellow Americans. Using a variety of data sources, we have created a series of questions to help you do that. Your answers are confidential and will not be collected.