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The New York Times


Tide, a Procter & Gamble group company has relied on the Times - Brand Studio to advertise a product. The Storytelling of the Times editorial staff conceals the product within the "good practices" for cleaning the house, with an important focus on home management and "mental wellness". The article is divided into 5 steps to take to prepare the house for the summer season, bearing in mind the difficulty of the pandemic period, which forces us into the home and which obviously leads to disorder as a result.
The brand is present through the statements of the communication manager of P & G in the first part of the article, at the bottom, we find a call to action to go directly to the purchase platform of a Tide product.
I noticed and found it strange that all the illustrations in the article relating to "house cleaning" have a woman as the protagonist, an oddity for the editorial staff of the Times, one of the most attentive to issues of divesity globally.