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Ferrari 1000 GP

March 28, 2021 | Sport

On September 13, 2020 Scuderia Ferrari, the most famed team in the history of Formula 1 and the only one to compete in each season since the sport was born in 1950, reached the milestone of its 1000th World Championship race. As a data visualization designer, and a life-long racing fan, I felt intrigued to try and celebrate this story in a novel way—painting an explorable picture of a 70-years long journey made of success and tragedies, with iconic sportsmen, cars, and places as the protagonists.
What you’ll see below is an interactive timeline visualizing each of the 1000 1008 races in which Ferrari competed, generated by a wealth of sport statistics I collected from a variety of sources. The story runs on two levels: scrolling up and down, colors and interactive text will take you through the ebb and flow of the team’s fortunes, through the decades.

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