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Matti per Sempre

March 14, 2018 | Society

It was the first law in the world to close the mental hospitals, but the cultural revolution initiated by the psychiatrist from Trieste remains unfinished. & Nbsp; Where did the former interns? How are people with mental illnesses assisted today?

There are no longer any wires and nets to separate the “city of fools” from the rest of society, yet resist other forms of exclusion: most psychiatric wards in Italy are behind closed doors and one in ten patients is tied to the bed. Too often the “cure” is reduced to massive doses of psychotropic drugs. & Nbsp; The law 180 has redefined the idea of social dangerousness and has recognized in the psychiatric patient a person who can not be deprived of his right of citizenship in a moment of suffering. and of fragility. But a law is not enough to get rid of the fear of the other.

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Journalist: Maria Gabriella Lanza, Daniela Sala

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